Bill Belichick Makes His Opinion On Mac Jones Very Clear

Doubters may have too many questions about the New England Patriots, but head coach Bill Belichick is confident about Mac Jones. The Alabama prospect turned heads in his first season with the team. He led the Patriots to a seven-game winning streak, but doubters said he’d never be Belichick’s starting quarterback. How does he feel about Jones? Well, Jones is here to prove everyone wrong.

It’s interesting to note that Jones wasn’t a top pick in his class. He was motivated to do a lot of great things on the football field and that’s exactly what he did. Jones established a strong connection with his teammates and this chemistry was crucial in every regular-season game. Current and former Patriots players can’t wait to see more from Jones in his second year with the Patriots and Julian Edelman is a fan.

The Patriots showed good performance during practice. However, they lost the preseason finale to Josh McDaniels and the Las Vegas Raiders. McDaniels beat a Belichick coached team in his first preseason as a Raiders head coach. This was a bit frustrating for Jones. He lost a game and the offense struggled to make an impact.

Bill Belichick has high expectations for Mac Jones

Jones may be frustrated, but Belichick is motivated. The Patriots head coach has nothing but words of praise for his quarterback. Jones is trying really hard to help the team win games. He is a hard-working quarterback who comes early to practice and gives his best every day. In Friday’s loss to the Raiders, he went 9 of 13 for 71 yards and an interception.

“Mac’s had a great attitude every day. Comes in early… He’s one of our most consistent workers & prepares very well. I haven’t seen anything other than that,” Belichick said.

Analysts have high expectations for Jones in 2022. He ranked second in the Rookie of the Year voting in 2021. He did better than many quarterbacks and has a perfect ground to deliver a groundbreaking performance. Jones has plenty of time to improve and get better.