Bill Belichick Shares Important Detail About Patriots’ Play-Calling

The New England Patriots made a lot of changes this offseason. Head coach Bill Belichick had to make changes and he has received too many questions about the play-calling part in 2022. The Patriots said they wouldn’t name an offensive or defensive coordinator. Josh McDaniels is gone and Belichick will work with new assistants.

The Patriots head coach talked about this during his appearance on The Greg Hill Show. He told the NFL world that he is responsible for every bit of the coaching process. Belichick literally said he was responsible “for all of it.”

“Ultimately, I’m responsible for all of it,” the head coach said. “If you want to ask who’s in charge, then it would be me. I have the final say in everything. That’s the way it’s been, and I don’t see that changing.”

Bill Belichick observes the play-calling process

We don’t really know if Belichick plans to have the main role in Jones’ performance on the field. The Patriots didn’t name McDaniels’ successor and Matt Patricia will probably take some of the responsibilities. Belichick explained that the play-calling process actually involves several members of the coaching staff. Patricia did a good job in the preseason, but he will get some help from his colleagues.

“As far as calling the plays, there’s a whole ‘nother process on that,” Belichick said.

Patricia doesn’t have any experience as an offensive coordinator. However, he is ready to accept the challenge and give his best to lead the Patriots to a big title.

“The communication of the offensive and defensive staffs (are) critical to any process,” Belichick said on WEEI. “And ultimately who calls the plays — I’m not minimizing that, I’m not saying that — but there’s a process that goes to it. A lot of times the play-caller makes calls based on the recommendations or the information he’s received from other people on the staff. It’s a collaborative effort.”

Let’s see if this “collaborative effort” makes a change in New England. The 2022 season will be really different for the Patriots, including both coaches and players.