Bill Belichick Willing to Reset Patriots Offense

The New England Patriots will enter the new season with a major changes on the coaching staff and the roster. Josh McDaniels is no longer leading the offense. New guys joined the team in the last few months. What’s next? Head coach Bill Belichick is definitely ready to reset the Patriots offense. Wonder why?

Monday’s practice was terrible. There were too many mistakes on the field and Belichick can’t ignore the need to change his approach.

“In camp, in preseason, during the season, mid-season,” Belichick said before the practice. “You see things that are going well, you try to figure out a way to exploit that more or do more of it. See things that aren’t going well, you either figure out a way to improve it or get rid of it and move on to something else that’s more productive. You have a couple different options there. You just have to decide which one you feel is the right one. If you’re spending time on something that’s not productive, then maybe you need to change it or find something else. It’s just not efficient.”

Bill Belichick challenges the Patriots offense

September is already here, meaning Belichick doesn’t have too much time to get things done. The Patriots signed a bunch of new players and this makes things more difficult for everybody. Finding the best formula for everybody is a priority.

“That’s part of it,” he stated. “Like everything, it’s not going to work out perfectly, and again, we have a number of new players in certain positions, and we’ll have to see how they adapt, and find out what things they’re good at and what things we need to do less of and what things we need to do more of. I think we’re finding that out, certainly with the rookies and younger players, but also with some other players we’ve added to the team. That’s the process. Sometimes it takes a while, but ultimately you have to make that judgment, and sometimes you make it sooner rather than later.”

Patriots players were well aware of the fact that the practice didn’t go well. The offense made some mistakes. Everyone is just trying to move forward and do what they have to do. Things are not always easy. There are some obstacles, you know…