Julian Edelman Jokingly Calls Out Tom Brady For Not Replying To Texts

Julian Edelman knows how to grab the attention of Tom Brady. The former New England Patriots tight end was wearing his Brady Brand hat on The Ryen Russillo Podcast. This was his way of getting Brady’s attention.

“Hopefully he does hear this because he hasn’t returned my text messages in a while and I’m giving him free publicity,” Edelman said. “That’s why I did it. That’s why I honestly did it. You got like top five poddy in sport world. This is going to get some unearned media, and I’m over here I got perfect hydration (brand t-shirt) and I said, ‘Tom, why don’t I throw you on there too, dude?”

Julian Edelman calls out Tom Brady as if he was his older brother

This is hilarious on so many levels. Edelman and Brady are like brothers, but the wideout doesn’t ask too much. They spent over a decade on the field and their respect has always been an example for younger players in the NFL.

“I would like him to come on the podcast,” Edelman said about his “Games With Names” podcast he co-hosts. “I haven’t gotten brave enough to ask him yet. I still get scared to ask him to do anything even though I’ll do 14 or 15 things of his. I’m in all of his brands, this that.”

Brady is entering another season with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. He enjoyed a vacation with his family and now is the perfect time to get ready for another challenging season. Edelman would never bother Brady or any other player who prepares for the new year. He is a professional after all. Bugging active players is never a good idea.

“That’s the worst part of when you’re out of the league. Now I have other (expletive). I got the production company. We got the podcast, ‘Games With Names.’ And now you got to ask people for things, and I remember being asked for these things. And you’re like, ‘Dude, it’s not the time right now,’” Edelman said. “It’s so hard. I don’t want to bother the guys that are still in the league because I know what they’re going through. They already got their family that they’re probably negating because it’s football season. They got other things. They got off-the-field things. Let them do that. When they want to hit you up, they’ll hit you up.”