Lakers Advised to Target Former 1st Overall Pick Via Trade

The Los Angeles Lakers have to use their offseason to reshape the roster. LeBron James won’t go anywhere at this point and Rob Pelinka has to change the landscape around him. Most of the veterans will go somewhere else. Russell Westbrook will probably stay with the team for the upcoming season. Who will be the first player to join the team this offseason? According to several analysts the Lakers should get a decent target through a trade.

Ben Stinar from Sports Illustrated bets on Markelle Fultz from the Orlando Magic. The former first overall pick makes perfect sense for the Lakers. He is 24 and his stats could be of great help in the upcoming season. In 72 regular-season games, Fultz averaged 12.1 points, 5.1 assists, and 3.3 rebounds per game right after the Philadelphia 76ers selected him. His next two seasons were a bit messy because Fultz sustained injuries and played just 24 games.

“Fultz was drafted with the first overall pick because he has star potential. Right now, he is just a role player that could turn into a very good player one day. (LeBron) James is 37 years old, so he is not going to be playing for another decade. Fultz could turn into a core player for them once this era is over. He would be the perfect mix of helping the team compete for titles right now, while also investing in the future of the franchise,” Stinar wrote on August 12.

Lakers to target the young player and trade for him sooner than expected

The good news? Fultz has enough time to sharpen his skills and improve himself as a point guard. He has to stay healthy and avoid injuries at any cost. A lot of analysts considered him a better option than Jayson Tatum. That’s why he was a top pick, remember?

Pelinka can use the 24-year-old as a backup for Russ. He won’t be a pricey option for the Lakers. The Lakers have bigger plans right now and going after Fultz is not their top priority. They still need a top name in order to avoid another disaster.