Lakers Advised to Trade LeBron James for $196 Million Superstar

The Los Angeles Lakers have a few months to solve their problems. Trading Russell Westbrook seems to be a priority right now. He caused a mess last season and the Lakers didn’t make the playoffs. Westbrook’s struggles made fans talk about his potential departure. Kyrie Irving was mentioned as a potential replacement. The Lakers have yet to make a major move and Skip Bayless wants them to trade LeBron James.

Is this even possible? Jeanie Buss respects LeBron and she really wanted to get him on her team. Why would the Lakers trade the four-time NBA champion?

Lakers explore the trade market, have a plan for LeBron James

The Lakers are coming off of a bad season and Rob Pelinka has to make some changes. LeBron has a chance to become a free agent in 2023. Will the Lakers get rid of him at this point? Bayless bets on this scenario. According to him, the Lakers should get Kevin Durant while giving LeBron a chance to join forces with Kyrie Irving again.

“There’s only one deal that makes sense to me, and it’s superstar for superstar, your guy for my guy,” Bayless said on August 10. “It’s swapping coasts with LeBron and Kevin Durant, and I don’t believe LeBron, according to Chris Broussard, wants to do it – he doesn’t want to end his career in Brooklyn…KD to the Lakers makes sense, he might have one rough year with Russ (Westbrook), but you’ve still got him for another three years. And at least LeBron keeps you afloat in credibility, you’re still a contender, and he gets his wish to re-unit with Kyrie Irving.”

Dave McMenamin from ESPN wouldn’t agree on this one. He believes that King James will sign his extension with the franchise this summer. McMenamin reported that both LeBron and the Lakers want to “extend their partnership together.” It’s the only scenario that makes sense for both parties.

LeBron is too valuable for the Lakers to get rid of him. He is the greatest basketball player of all time. LeBron does more than any other player in the NBA today and he is 37. Giannis Antetokounmpo is one of the many young stars to praise LeBron for his consistency. Being around for two decades means a thing and LeBron hasn’t missed a beat.