Lakers Star Career Predicted End Sooner Than Expected, Per Analyst

The Los Angeles Lakers will do their best to make the playoffs in the upcoming season. The front office didn’t make too many moves so far, but they did trade for Patrick Beverley. Russell Westbrook is still on the roster despite the fact that his future with the Lakers may be hanging in the air. According to several analysts the Lakers star may soon bring his career to an end.

Westbrook is an excellent player, but his debut with the Lakers was a mess. Fans were visibly frustrated and they even called him names. Rob Pelinka may be looking for trade partners, but Russ is still a Laker. Will this change in the near future?

The Lakers star may call it career after another disappointing season

Bill Simmons discussed Westbrook’s future in the NBA. He reported that the one-time MVP may retire if the Lakers trade him to another franchise. This retirement may not happen right away, but Westbrook will definitely have a hard time finding a new home in the NFL.

“If that trade did happen … I think he’s out of the league,” Simmons said on “The Bill Simmons Podcast.” “I’m not saying that in the Skip Bayless way. I just think he’s the rare kind of guy where if you’re a tanking team or a lottery team, why would you bring him in? All he’s gonna do is try to play 40 minutes a game and put up stats and make you more competitive.

“If you’re a playoff team, I can’t think of a playoff team that he would be additive to. He’s not gonna want to come off the bench.”

Westbrook can easily become a bench player. Frank Vogel benched him on multiple occasions and Russ was visibly frustrated. He sees himself as a top player and NBA teams have to give him a big role. However, things don’t look too bright for him. Darvin Ham may be the only person to save Westbrook’s career. He respects the veteran and hopefully, this respect will motivate Westbrook to try harder in the upcoming season.