LeBron James Shares Emotional Message After Watching Sons Play

LeBron James gets really emotional every time he talks about his sons. Bronny and Bryce Maximus got the good genes and develop strong basketball skills. LeBron is really proud of the greatness they show on the basketball court at such a young age. These kids have the best coach. Being coached by the GOAT sure means a thing.

The four-time NBA champion has been sharing videos of his boys playing basketball. That’s what proud dads do. He taught them well!

The proud dad had a chance to watch his boys compete on the floor together. Imagine the excitement! Strive For Greatness did a wonderful job. We knew that Bronny is a talented kid, but Bryce stole the spotlight with his three-pointer from the corner.

LeBron James got emotional after watching his sons compete: The start of a new era

LeBron will be watching his kids grow into superstars. He wants to play with Bronny and this dream can easily turn into reality. LeBron’s oldest son has attracted the attention of Duke, Kentucky, and North Carolina. Playing with his father would feel really great. Bryce won’t get a chance to play with his dad. LeBron is 37 and he has a few good years left in the tank.

Bryce and Bronny will do their best to make their dad proud. They wouldn’t disappoint the king of basketball for anything in this world. It’s too early to make a prediction, but we believe that they will have great careers in the NBA. Bryce and Bronny are unique and have different style on the basketball court.

LeBron will be here for his boys. They will get the support he never had. LeBron tried really hard to give them the childhood he never had. Unlike LeBron, Bronny and Bryce grew up in the spotlight. LeBron and his mother Gloria struggled a lot and he even had to live with his coach. Yes, Bronny and Bryce have a much better life. The same goes to Zhuri. She is LeBron’s little princess and a real fashion icon. She has her own YouTube channel, remember?