LeBron James Makes His Opinion On Russell Westbrook Very Clear

LeBron James and Russell Westbrook will have to spend another season together. The Los Angeles Lakers didn’t make a move to trade the veteran. Westbrook had a terrible season in LA, but General Manager Rob Pelinka decided to keep him around. Some rumors suggest that the Lakers are still looking for a trade partner for Westbrook. There’s no room for speculation at this point. Everything points to the fact that Russ will wear a purple and gold jersey next season.

LeBron and Westbrook attended the Lakers Summer League, but there was no interaction. Fans talked about the tension between these two, citing several sources. The four-time NBA champion had a conversation with Westbrook and things work well between these two.

LeBron James defends Russell Westbrook on Twitter

So, LeBron came across a tweet saying that “the Westbrook disrespect and vitriol is still corny regardless of how you feel about last season. Some people gotta get a life man.” His reaction surprised many fans.

The king of basketball replied, “Can’t wait for him to go off this season!” 

It seems like LeBron will defend his teammate in every way possible. These two could do miracles in their second year together. Westbrook is one of the better players in the NBA and he may need some extra time to fit in the team. Lakers head coach Darvin Ham has great words for the veteran and Russ attended his introductory press conference. Ham respects his player and trusts his potential. LeBron stood for him and yes, things are falling into place. Finally!

The Lakers traded for Patrick Beverley and it was a really awkward move. Beverley hurt Westbrook years ago and the Lakers veteran had to undergo several surgeries. Their altercations made headlines over the years and now they have to play together. Let’s see how this work.

Pelinka will make a few more moves heading into the new season. He may get a few players to improve his defense and offense. Beverley is a nice addition to the Lakers defense, but it isn’t enough. He is just a tiny piece of the puzzle.