Mac Jones Frustrated By Patriots’ Offensive Struggles

The New England Patriots made changes on both offense and defense, but things didn’t go the way everyone planned. The team had a poor practice Monday and players were visibly frustrated. Mac Jones is well aware of the offensive struggles. Bill Belichick has a new offense, but his starting quarterback is frustrated.

“I think we have good offensive linemen, good players up front,” Jones said after Tuesday’s practice. “A lot of it’s just figuring out the scheme and making sure that there’s no free guys. That’s the biggest thing for me: As long as there’s no one free, I should be able to make the throws, like any quarterback can. And I know my offensive line can do that. It’s just getting the communication down. It’s different than what we’ve done in the past, so just figuring that out and trying to watch it together and all that.

“It is a little frustrating sometimes, but our offensive line — the actual players and coaches — are trying the best they can. It’s practice, and you can’t really tell until you get into a game. But I have all the trust in the world in those guys. Like I said, the communication needs to improve, and we did a good job of that (Tuesday).”

Mac Jones and his teammates learn the lesson amid offensive struggles

Monday was a bad day, but things looked a lot better on Tuesday. Linemen did their job and Rhamondre Stevenson was the star of the show. Are things falling into the right direction?

“You have to understand how many blockers you have and make sure where your issue is, and at the end of the day, you don’t want any free runners,” Jones explained. “So that’s the biggest thing for me, and our guys and our team. The fundamentals are really good. They’re giving me a good pocket, and we just want to clean up those few plays where they’re not. A lot of it’s just me stepping up and getting the ball out quick, too, so it’s a full group effort here.”

Jones trusts his players and believes they will “grow together.” It may take time, but Jones trusts the process.