Patriots Coaching Situation Throws David Andrews In Unique Role For Preseason Opener

The New England Patriots lost Josh McDaniels early in the offseason as he accepted the offer from the Las Vegas Raiders. Head coach Bill Belichick wasn’t really interested in naming his next offensive coordinator because he is not into titles. Joe Judge and Matt Patricia called plays in the preseason opener against the New York Giants. Patricia has a lot of responsibilities at the sideline this season. That’s why David Andrews got involved in the first preseason game.

Mac Jones and other Patriots starters didn’t see any action in the game. However, Andrews got involved in the most brilliant way. Fans noticed him at the sideline and he really looked like de facto offensive line coach. That’s not all. Phil Perry from NBC Sports Boston reported that Andrews met with Patriots offensive linemen and even led the discussion. Patricia joined the group, because yes, he is the offensive line coach. NFL veterans sometimes join their younger teammates for a discussion, but Andrews’ involvement was slightly different than anything we’ve seen before.

David Andrews has big role in the preseason

I guess Patriots players are excited about it. Justin Herrod wouldn’t disappoint him at all. “You just don’t want to let him down,” he said.

Andrews’ teammates agree that the veteran center is one of the smartest Patriots players. Patricia may be willing to get some help from an experienced player like Andrews. He’s played this game for a really long time and knows how things roll.

The Patriots entered the season with a few great plans. They made some changes on the roster and also changed the coaching staff. It’s a new season for newcomers and yes, they all have to try really hard to make things word. The team lost the game to the Giants, but starters didn’t play. We can’t make a prediction at this point, but we have a good feeling for the new season.

Patricia and Judge have great experience behind them. Belichick got them for a reason. He will work with really talented players and nothing can go wrong at this point.