Patriots Offseason Signing Still Adjusting to New England

The New England Patriots made some changes in the offseason. Patriots head coach Bill Belichick brought new players, but one offseason signing has a hard time adjusting to New England. Mack Wilson is one of these players.

The Patriots traded Chase Winovich for him. He spent three seasons with the Cleveland Browns and now he has a chance for a new start. Patriots do things differently and Wilson knows it best.

“Honestly it’s been a challenge,” he said. “Just coming here, from day one, OTAs, I kind of went through that process where they broke my body down and built me back up to how they want me to be. It was tough, but I managed to get through it by pushing myself everyday and obviously, I feel like a better player. I feel more explosive. I feel faster, stronger, things like that.”

Patriots entered important offseason, coaches expect to get the best of each and every signing

Belichick built a dynasty and gathered players who “sleep and breathe football.”

“If you don’t love football, if you don’t eat, sleep, breath football here, you won’t make it long,” Wilson said. “The way they do things here is totally different from other organizations, and honestly, I can see why this organization has been so successful over the years.”

Jerod Mayo is working with Wilson and he is helping the young player adjust to the gameplan in New England. Wilson has nothing but respect for the linebackers coach and he sure has a lot to learn from him.

“Coach Mayo, I feel like to me, he’s a legend in my eyes,” Wilson said. “When he talks, I listen. I pay attention to everything he do, everything he talks about in the meeting room. Obviously with the career the he had here — you can ask any linebacker, it’s fun just having a coach who really played the game, who put the blood, sweat and tears into this same organization, and now he’s our coach giving us back tools, advice, gems and even coaching us at the end of the day. It’s a blessing.”

Wilson and his teammates are expected to make huge impact in 2022. It’s a big season for the team and there’s no room for mistakes at this point.