Patriots Quarterback Mac Jones Keeps This Source of Motivation In Locker

The New England Patriots had a seven-game winning streak last season. It was a good season for the Patriots, but the team lost the wild-card game to the Buffalo Bills. This loss was a big blow for the team and those who thought that Bill Belichick’s rookie can win a title in his first NFL season. Mac Jones has to live with this loss and he actually uses this as a motivation every time he makes the football field.

Some analysts criticized Jones and even doubted his potential. He wasn’t a top pick in the group, but he did better than other fellow quarterbacks. Jones was a real fresh power in 2021 and he proved doubters wrong. Belichick trusted his young player and even gave him the keys to the offense. Jones was a rookie, but Patriots players viewed him as the ultimate leader. Jones built a strong relationship with his teammates. He did the same this offseason. Belichick signed a bunch of great players and Jones got a bunch of new friends.

Mac Jones to get the best of his motivation

Jones is here to fix the damage and avoid the mistakes he made in 2021. According to Brian Hones from PatsPulpit, Jones has a photo of the terrible rout in his locker. Yes, he has the final score, 47-17 written all over it.

It’s good to know this. The Patriots need a motivated player who will lead the team to a title. Belichick needs strong players and he needs a signal-caller who will establish strong connections with his receivers.

The 2022 NFL season is important for the Patriots in so many ways. It’s a new season for many young players and the new members of Belichick’s coaching staff. Let’s see how things work for the team. Newcomers have a lot to prove and some of them may not secure a spot on the Patriots roster. The Patriots lost the preseason opener to the New York Giants. They will also meet Josh McDaniels in the preseason. Will Jones turn this motivation into something special? Now is the perfect time to get a ring, right?