Patriots Special Teams Stud Earns 4-Year Contract Extension

Jake Bailey earned his contract extension with the New England Patriots. The Patriots special teams stud was offered a four-year deal worth $13.5 million. Not bad, huh? He worked really hard to earn this reward.

Bailey is one of the three highest-paid punters in the NFL and this will definitely motivate him to do even better in the upcoming season.

The Patriots punter received some questions following Monday’s session and he was more than happy to offer a response.

“It wasn’t a crazy big moment but it’s a milestone in my life.” Bailey told the media. “You wanna stay with what you know and what’s comfortable to you.”

The 2020 first-team All-Pro worked really hard to get this deal. His new contract runs through the 2025 NFL season. According to Adam Schefter, $6.5 million are fully guaranteed.

Patriots special teams stud worked hard to get here

Bailey, 25, was entering the final year of his rookie contract with a salary-cap charge of $4.05 million. This extension will lower Bailey’s cap charge by $1.85 million. The Patriots overall cap space will go to $4.75 million with this move.

Both parties are winning. Bailey earned long-term security and the Patriots gained some cap relief.

Belichick noticed Bailey’s great potential and wanted to get the best of it. In 2021, Bailey punted 49 times and had a 47.-yard average and 39.6 net. In 2020, Bailey punted for 48.7 average and 45.6 net and just five touchbacks. The Patriots can also rely on Bailey’s strong leg. Things get really messy in winder and Bailey can go against strong winds without any trouble.

Bailey is motivated to deliver his best performance in the upcoming season.

“I’m just so happy and blessed I get a few more years here,” Bailey said. “Any time there is uncertainty, it’s always something in the back of your head. But at our position, you have to be able to compartmentalize and execute, and if you’re not able to do that with whatever is distracting you, you’re not going to play very long.”

Bailey and his teammates are entering an important season. Will they make the Super Bowl this time?