Patriots Super Bowl LI Hero Shocks Fans With Retirement

James White is retiring. The New England Patriots thought they’d see more from the Super Bowl LI champion, but he has just announced his retirement.

White took to his Twitter account to make the big announcement. He said the Patriots will always be in his heart. White received tons of support from his fans and he is grateful for that and much more. The talented player looks forward to his next chapter, but we can’t really make any predictions about his next move.

White also thanked his teammates for helping him become a better person and players. He had a nice relationship with his teammates and this made him better in so many ways.

His parents did their best to help him achieve his goals both as a player and a person. Their love and support motivated him to play his best football. White can’t even express his gratefulness.

“New England will be in my heart forever,” he said. “Thank you for unwavering support over the years. I am forever grateful. This chapter has been one that I will cherish. I look forward to what is next.”

Patriots Super Bowl hero announces retirement after great career

Being part of the Patriots was a special thing for White. The Kraft family trusted him and his impeccable style.

 “Thank you Mr. Kraft, Coach Belichick, and the entire Patriots organization for giving me the opportunity to live out my childhood dream. To be able to play my entire career for one franchise, in front of the best fans in the NFL, has been a tremendous blessing and honor,” White wrote on Twitter.

The Patriots won a lot of games thanks to the running back. In his career, White earned three rings and delivered 381 receptions for 3,278 yards and 25 touchdowns to go along with 319 carries for 1,278 yards and 11 touchdowns.

Patriots fans will remember White’s touchdown in Super Bowl LI. The team shocked the Atlanta Falcons with a big comeback and the rest is history. White may be 30, but he did more than most players in today’s NFL.