Recently Retired RB Sounds Off On Patriots Offense

James White may be retiring from the NFL, but he is well aware of the situation in New England. The retired RB heard some of the chatter about the Patriots offense and decided to share his opinion.

Some NFL analysts say that Bill Belichick made some bad moves regarding his new offense. Josh McDaniels’ departure made things worse. He will coach the Las Vegas Raiders in 2022, leaving the Patriots with a big void. McDaniels and Mac Jones worked really well together and the Alabama QB will have to work with someone else.

Retired Patriots RB ignores rumors about Patriots offense

White thinks people are just rushing to judgment at this point. He trusts his former head coach and also trusts Matt Patricia and Joe Judge. These guys have been coaching for a really long time. They know the game. Coaches tend to make changes whenever their teams need to prepare for a bigger challenge.

“I think a lot of people are kind of rushing to judgment when it comes to all that,” White said Friday morning. “Bill’s coached a lot of football. Matty P’s coached a lot of football. So has Joe Judge. I think you’ve just got to let those guys work. A lot of coaches coach a lot of different positions before they end up being an offensive coordinator. They could have coached on the defensive side of the ball at first. I don’t think a lot of people really realize that. A lot of coaches coach a lot of different positions before they get their quote-unquote main job.

“So I think you’ve really got to let those guys work. There’s a lot of talent in that offense from the quarterback position, offensive line, tight ends, running backs, receivers. They’re very deep at the receiver position. I think Matt Patricia, Joe Judge, Bill Belichick are putting those guys in the right position to be successful, and I think Patriots fans will be happy with the product that they put out there this year.

“I think they have a lot of talent, and the coaching staff is trying to do their best job to put guys in the best position to succeed.”

The Patriots seem to be well prepared for their new season despite all the changes Belichick made so far. Tyquan Thornton and Bailey Zappe did decent job in the first preseason game. It’s a good sign, right? The Patriots may have lost the game to the New York Giants, but players are ready for the challenge.