This Made Decision To Retire From NFL Clear to Julian Edelman

The best New England Patriots wideout decided to retire, leaving a big hole on the roster. The decision to retire didn’t shock many fans, but Julian Edelman had to make this move. His body was hurting and he even had to undergo a surgery. Edelman would never play as a shell of himself.

What made him retire? The 2018 Super Bowl MVP talked about this during his appearance on “The Ryen Russillo Podcast.”

“Atrocious. That’s honestly why I retired,” Edelman said. “When you start looking old — it’s not even just the games, it’s the practices, the body language. I mean, I wanted to throw up. That’s why I had to retire.

“When you’re a younger player — I remember you play a couple guys and they’re in their absolute prime when you’re still trying to figure things out. And then you figure things out and it’s like four or five years later, and that guy that you still are battling who was a badass dude has diminished — that’s blood in the water. I’m going to embarrass him every time. I’m going to try to light him up, because I remember how hard it was and how he used to embarrass me. The blood was in the water. Guys were going to come after me. I had to get out.”

There you go. Edelman had a reason to do this.

The move to retire changed the Julian Edelman story

Edelman is in touch with his former head coach. He shared this information with the public. As you may be guessing, fans now speculate about his potential return to the NFL. He doesn’t need much time to be game ready. Edelman’s return would be the biggest news in 2022. He was a fan favorite and yes, everyone would be excited to have the former MVP back in the fold.

Belichick respects great players and Edelman is one of the most hard-working players he has ever worked with. He will gladly have his best receiver back on the roster. That would be the ideal scenario for the Patriots and fans are already celebrating the idea.