Bill Belichick ‘3rd Son’ Slammed as ‘Least-Suited’ in His Role

The New England Patriots lost the Week 1 game to the Miami Dolphins and yes, a lot of people criticized the head coach and his assistants. The Patriots had issues with the offense and these offensive struggles were really visible in the terrible loss to the Fins. So, Bill Belichick received a fair share of criticism related to his 3rd son. Really? Third son?

The media asked a lot of questions about Joe Judge and Matt Patricia. These guys took care of the offense despite their lack of experience as offensive coaches. Coach B was super confident and encouraged everyone to blame him if things go wrong. Things went wrong last Sunday and Christopher L. Gasper from The Boston Globe had something to say about it.

According to Gasper, Judge and Patricia may not be the best options for the offense. He even blamed Belichick for giving Patricia such a great responsibility, citing his “fondness” of the assistant.

“A sweat-soaked Patricia was exposed to the oppressive heat at Hard Rock Stadium, and the offensive line he oversees left Jones completely exposed on a pair of first-half sacks with Dolphins pass-rushers unblocked,” Gasper wrote. “The second sack was a pièce de résistance of no resistance. Miami’s Brandon Jones came untouched on a safety blitz for a strip-sack the Fins scooped up for a touchdown and a 10-0 lead with 7:34 left in the first half.”

Gasper’s criticism motivates Bill Belichick and his ‘3rd son’

The Patriots made some mistake and Miami took advantage of it. Colin Cowherd said the Patriots were “boring”, “slow”, “unwatchable”, and much more. Truth is, the Dolphins really had a chance to score that night.

“These are the type of basic communication and execution errors that have plagued the offensive line since the start of training camp,” Gasper added. “Patricia is a former college offensive lineman and was assistant offensive line coach for the Patriots in 2005, but most of his coaching experience is as a defensive coach and coordinator. He’s the third Belichick son on the coaching staff and the one least suited to coach his position group.”