Bill Belichick ‘Jarring’ Comments Spark Doubts

The New England Patriots entered the new season with a disappointing performance against the Miami Dolphins, and fans are a bit worried about the latest comments Bill Belichick made. The Patriots head coach took full responsibility for the bad results. He would never place the blame on his assistants. That’s what he said.

The Patriots worked well on the football field, but their preseason was disastrous. Their first game was terrible, too. Patriots fans want more than a 20-7 score.

Bill Belichick shocks the NFL world with his comments

Albert Breer from Sports Illustrated noticed something strange in Belichick’s appearance on the Greg Hill Show. Belichick is not someone who finds excuses for lousy plays. He always criticizes those who make a mistake and lead the team to a loss. Moreover, he rarely praises players who carry the team on their beck. Well, Belichick is an optimist now. He didn’t trash anyone and Bedard is confused.

“Listening to Bill after the game, my jaw hit the floor hearing him say that,” Breer said. “For him to actually come out and say, ‘Well yeah, it was two plays here [that changed the game], that mirrored what he said after the Raiders game — which is, ‘Well, we practiced really well against them.’ It’s jarring seeing Bill talk that way. I think it’s the antithesis of who he is as a football coach.”

Breer even insists that Belichick was finding excuses.

“You’re hearing Bill make excuses for his team in ways you never [have]. It signals to us that he’s not comfortable with this team,” Breer added. “When he builds them up this much, the alarms go off in our head where we know he’s not real happy with the team.”

Belichick has received tons of criticism following the Week 1 loss. He never pays attention to outside noise and that’s the only thing that matters. People have criticized him for giving Matt Patricia such a big role on the coaching staff. Some even call him “Belichick’s third son.”

The Patriots are getting for the Week 2 challenge. They are playing against the Pittsburgh Steelers. Let’s see how Mac Jones and his teammates do this one.