Bill Belichick Reacts To Former MVP Impending Free Agency

The New England Patriots will go against the Baltimore Ravens on Sunday. Head coach Bill Belichick will coach against former MVP Lamar Jackson and yes, it’s a really challenging game. The Patriots beat the Pittsburgh Steelers in Week 2 and this is just another game they have to win.

The Patriots head coach answered questions about the upcoming game and some of them were related to Jackson’s free agency. Reporters and the NFL world know that Belichick always goes after talented free agents. Jackson is an incredible player and his impending free agency started off a big discussion. Will Belichick even try to get the talented player?

Bill Belichick has a reason to praise the former MVP

Belichick always praises great players like Jackson. He is well aware of their great potential. No, Belichick doesn’t mind paying respect to players of other teams. Those are great guys and great guys earned his respect many years ago.

We all know that Belichick doesn’t like to discuss player contracts and potential trades or whatsoever. He likes to keep things close to him. Discussing Jackson’s free agency? Absolutely not. He will just say a few great words about the talented player.

It’s interesting to note that Jackson visited the Patriots in the year he was drafted. Belichick decided to pass on him twice and got Isaiah Wynn and Sony Michel instead. The Ravens laid their hands on Jackson and he became a star.

A NFL reporter asked Belichick about “Jackson doubters.”

“We’ll see what his contract is, that will answer them,” the Patriots head coach said.

Oh, he knows how to add fuel to the fire. If you wonder whether Jackson will lead Belichick’s offense, then no, stop planning his future in New England. The Patriots selected Jones for a reason and Belichick won’t change his mind for anything in this world. Jones didn’t have the best performance in the first couple of games in the regular season, but hey, it’s just the beginning. Jones led the Patriots to a seven-game winning streak last season. He’s got a potential and Belichick knows it.