Bill Belichick Sends Strong Warning To Doubters

The New England Patriots are entering the new 2022 NFL season with a big load on their back. Players face big obstacle this season and there’s no room for mistakes now. The team received serious criticism this summer. The offense looks different and the new approach led to failure and the Patriots lost games, including the preseason finale against Josh McDaniels and the Las Vegas Raiders. Patriots players looked good in practice, but their on-field presence wasn’t that exciting. There’s always room for improvement and head coach Bill Belichick has a big warning for doubters who trash his team.

Belichick is the best head coach in league history. He doesn’t rely on predictions, expectations, analysis, doubts, and concerns. The Patriots head coach enjoys proving doubters wrong. He’s been doing this for years. Doubters may have questions about his decisions, but Belichick knows what he’s doing. Moreover, fans trust him and yes, they all trust the process.

Bill Belichick has a warning for notorious doubters

McDaniels’ departure left a big void on Belichick’s coaching staff. Guess what… The Patriots head coach is not even worried about it. He didn’t even appoint an OC for the upcoming season. Matt Patricia and Joe Judge will work with the offense, but neither of them is an OC.

Doubters have been spilling venom for quite some time. Belichick doesn’t pay attention to outside noise. He trusts his assistants. According to him, Judge and Patricia are doing a good job at the sideline.

“I think they’re both good coaches,” Belichick said. “Ultimately, it’s my responsibility, like it always is. So is it doesn’t go well, blame me.”

Critics can call him out as much as they want, but Belichick will continue doing his thing. He has filled the holes on his roster with new players. How will the new guys handle the pressure of the upcoming season? We’ll have more information following the game against the Miami Dolphins. Belichick and his players will challenge the Dolphins in Florida. They flew to Miami a few days ago so players can get used to the new weather. Belichick planned even the tiniest detail.