Brian Windhorst Drops Truth Bomb On Lakers Latest Roster Construction

The Los Angeles Lakers attracted the general attention with their current roster construction. Trading for Patrick Beverley is the only move the Lakers made so far. This didn’t solve the major problem in LA and Rob Pelinka still has to fix the shooting part of the game.

Brian Windhorst from ESPN talked about this topic and also reminded the world of the tension between Russell Westbrook and Beverley. According to him, it won’t work.

““I don’t believe that the Lakers think this is going to work. I think they’re saying that, and trying to keep a stiff upper lip and make the best out of this because they know they don’t have any Russell Westbrook trade that makes sense for them right now. So, they’re gonna try to make it work.

“But let’s be honest, we live in an era where you have to have shooting in the NBA. When the Lakers won their title a couple of years ago, it was with shooting. All of LeBron’s great teams in his career had shooting. You have Westbrook who is one of the worst three-point shooters in the NBA, and Patrick Beverley is coming off the worst three-point shooting year of his career…This duo doesn’t make any sense on a basketball level.”

Lakers roster construction depends on major factor

Westbrook and Beverley have had issues since forever. The one-time MVP even had to undergo a surgery after the nasty hit he received from Beverley. These two never had great words to say for one another and now they have to play together.

Zach Harper from The Athletic is not a fan of this pairing either. There’s one major question though. Will Westbrook stay on the roster? Darvin Ham is confident about it, but the Lakers are still looking for a trade partner. If Westbrook enters the new season as a Laker, he will have to ignore the things that happened over the years. If he and Beverley are committed to contributing to the game, they will have to make a sacrifice.