Canelo Alvarez Delivers Strong Message To Lakers LeBron James

LeBron James is successful in pretty much everything he does. He is the best basketball player of all time. He likes to draw, earns millions, has great deals, endorses top brands, played football in high school, and guess what… He can be an excellent fighter. That’s what Canelo Alvarez said about the great LeBron James.

According to Alvarez, LeBron could have been a dominant boxer. He’s got the body and strength to be a spectacular fighter.

Alvarez discussed several topics during an episode of GQ Magazine’s ‘Actually Me’. He mentioned LeBron and said that the four-time NBA champion would’ve been an excellent boxer.

“Why not? I think he has skills for the sport. He’s an athlete, 100%. If he had dedicated himself to being a fighter, he could do it.”

LeBron’s athleticism has been making headlines since forever. He measures at 6’9’’, 250 pounds and Steve Kerr once said he is the best athlete on the entire planet. LeBron played football in high school and his body would’ve allowed him to become a high-level heavy-weight boxer. Well, LeBron had different plans and decided to play basketball. He became the GOAT and young players look up to him.

Canelo Alvarez respects LeBron James, Skip Bayless joins doubters again

Alvarez may trust LeBron and his athleticism, but he wouldn’t make Skip Bayless change his mind. The Fox Sports analyst is not a fan of the Lakers superstar. Moreover, he uses every opportunity to destroy his reputation.

“Another huge (and lucrative) national-TV ad for LeBron (with Lily) … yet he insisted on taking the max from the Lakers instead of (like Tim Duncan or Brady) giving his team more cap room to improve the supporting cast. I just don’t get it. Does he no longer want to win???” Bayless wrote on Twitter.

King James never pays attention to outside noise. He enjoys his time off with his loved ones. The James family traveled to Italy this summer and LeBron is definitely recharging his batteries. He is entering another important season with the Lakers. Hopefully, he will get another ring.