Darvin Ham Went Off About LeBron James, Anthony Davis & Russell Westbrook

The Los Angeles Lakers fired Frank Vogel after the disappointing season. They interviewed a few candidates and found the perfect replace him. Darvin Ham seems to be the right person to work with LeBron James, Anthony Davis, and other players on the Lakers roster. Russell Westbrook is still part of the team. Ham had to talk about Westbrook’s role on the basketball court and he probably had the best solution to the problem.

The Lakers had a lot of issues last season and didn’t even make the playoffs. It was a bad season for everyone and the front office had to make some changes. Firing Vogel was the first move they made. Rob Pelinka didn’t get too many new players, but he did trade for Patrick Beverley. Will he earn a position in the starting lineup? There were too many rumors about the new season and experts shared their thoughts on the 2022-23 Lakers team. Ham did the same.

Darvin Ham will win games with LeBron, Davis, and Westbrook

Lakers players practiced and Ham liked their potential and had great words for LeBron, Russ, and AD. They are ready for the challenge.

“LeBron is not from this planet, that’s for damn sure,” Ham said. “AD, his ability to pass. And it’s funny, you see AD working on different things within the practice setting. We know he can score. We know he can get it in the post and do what he needs to do. But just his ability to get it, doesn’t like what he sees, go to a second side DHO (dribble handoff) or play a third side pick-and-roll, be a playmaker, offensive rebound. Russ, just the open spacing of it not being a five-out, where you can build a wall straight across the free-throw line. The fact that it’s a tandem, him getting in transition and being able to explode through the paint, finish, hit guys in the corners for 3s.

“So it’s just different elements that’s going to suit all of them. And then Bron again, his ability to defensive rebound and bring it. We have different calls within the early offense that’s going to allow him to ISO straight off a defensive rebound and he’s also calling guys and playing two-man and three-man games as well. So I think they’re getting their hands on it pretty good and we just gotta keep working at it.”