Dennis Schroder Breaks Silence on Lakers Return After Humiliating Season

Dennis Schroder joined the Los Angeles Lakers for a second stint and his return triggered an avalanche of reactions. Schroder is ready to overcome each and every obstacle and help the Lakers win a championship. The German native left the Lakers looking for a better deal, but agreed to sign a minor deal with the Boston Celtics. He literally turned down a $84 million offer from the Lakers. His trip around the NBA didn’t end here and Schroder joined the Houston Rockets. Well, his time with the Rockets didn’t last long and Schroder became a free agent. The Lakers offered him a one-year deal worth $2.6 million.

Schroder should’ve accepted those initial $84 million. The Lakers struggled to make an impact that season and missed the NBA Finals. Schroder had to accept $5.9 million from the Rockets and then go to Houston.

Dennis Schroder made a promise to Lakers fans

Schroder was busy with the German national team, but they lost to Spanish basketball players in the semifinals. It was a terrible loss for the talented player, but he had to move on. Now is the perfect time to go back to LA, right?

“This past year didn’t feel right. I felt misunderstood & nobody knew the story! I’m coming back to the biggest organization to make sh*t right! I hope LakerNation going to support me every single day! I will give everything I have every single day!”

Let’s see if Schroder keeps his promise. He is a really talented player and the Lakers need to see the best of him. It was a rough year for the Lakers guard and he is here to do everything better.

The Lakers traded for Patrick Beverley and now they got Schroder. What does it mean? Russell Westbrook played at Schroder’s position. Is this the beginning of his end? Darvin Ham had plans for Westbrook. How will he handle the new mix of players? The Lakers are still looking for a trade partner. They have been linked to the Utah Jazz and Rob Pelinka may soon get the players he needs to fill up some positions.