Disappointing Patriots Receiver Predicted To Become “WR1” In 2022

The New England Patriots have high expectations for a struggling receiver on their roster and the player is expected to make a splash in the 2022 NFL season.

Nelson Agholor is coming off of a really bad season with the Patriots. They offered him a two-year deal worth $23 million, but Agholor wasn’t playing like a multimillion receiver. In 2020 with the Las Vegas Raiders, he delivered 48 receptions for 896 yards and eight touchdowns. Head coach Bill Belichick was excited about his potential and offered him a deal. In 2021, Agholor had 37 receptions for 473 yards and three touchdowns.

Many thought that the receiver would leave the team this summer, but Chad Graff of The Athletic has great predictions for the upcoming season.

“There are two ways to look at this one,” Graff detailed. “It would be fair to note here that Agholor was the team’s best receiver in most of the preseason practices. But it would also be fair to note that the competition for that honor hasn’t been stiff.”

Patriots receiver has to bloom in 2022, otherwise he will have to leave the team

Belichick and his team deal with a huge challenge at the moment. The Patriots offense had some struggles and it seems like players need more room to grow and get used to the new approach. Guess what… Agholor accepted the challenge without a problem and he looks better than many players on the current roster.

“Despite spending plenty of money and using high draft picks at the position in recent years, wide receiver remains a major concern for the Patriots,” Graff added. “Having said that, Agholor genuinely looks like he’s in better form than a year ago when he recorded just 373 receiving yards and three touchdowns in his debut season in New England. It wouldn’t shock me if he doubles those totals.”

NFL teams have shown great interest in Agholor and he could’ve end on the trade block. He didn’t. He is still a Patriots receiver. Well, he can still get a deal from the Green Bay Packers or Dallas Cowboys. The same goes to the Baltimore Ravens and Kansas City Chiefs. If the Patriots have another disappointing season, they may move on from the receiver.