Former All-Pro RB Delivers Strong Message to Bill Belichick

The New England Patriots opened the 2022 NFL season with a big loss. They added another loss to the Miami Dolphins and fans are a bit disappointed. Who is responsible for this? The Patriots have new names on their roster and the coaching staff is different, too. Matt Patricia and Joe Judge are on the offensive side of the ball despite their experience on the other side. Former All-Pro LeSean McCoy had something to say for head coach Bill Belichick and the struggles his team had last Sunday.

Belichick received a lot of criticism following the loss to the Fins. He takes full responsibility for the failure.

The former All-Pro joins the group of doubters criticizing Bill Belichick

McCoy was more than ready to add fuel to the fire. He didn’t just criticize Belichick. McCoy literally said that the Patriots are nothing without Tom Brady. The GOAT left the team to join the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and yes, his team won a title in the very first season. Brady and the Buccaneers won the first game of the regular season. Is McCoy right about this? Absolutely not. A single loss doesn’t mean a thing.

“It’s over for Belichick,” McCoy said in a recent episode of Fox’s Speak. “It’s over. I’ve never seen the Patriots pay so many guys on defense at one time. They’re doing it now that Tom is gone. It’s over. This is the real Bill Belichick. The winning percentage, playing with Brady, is 77%. Without Tom Brady, you wouldn’t even guess — 47%. He don’t win no games without Tom Brady.”

Belichick is not someone who pays attention to outside noise. McCoy and others like him can say whatever they want. Belichick has a plan and his team may need some extra time to adjust to the new system.

McCoy is not the only person to criticize Belichick. Colin Cowherd said the Patriots are “boring,” “slow”, “unwatchable”, etc. Asante Samuel Sr. made shocking comments, too.

Belichick is trying his best to find a new franchise quarterback. He is building a team around his young quarterback. Let’s trust the process.