Former Patriots Player Father Reaches Out To Bill Belichick: NFL Fans React

The New England Patriots released Devin Asiasi in a surprising move and fans have something to say about it. Some fans are focused on the player while others talk about the comments his father made about Bill Belichick.

Dave Asiasi, Devin’s father took to Twitter to share his thoughts about the Patriots and his relationship with the Patriots.

“Thank you for believing in my son and developing his game. Forever indebted to you sir and the Patriots Organization. Alofa atu coach,” Dave wrote.

The Patriots player won’t play for Bill Belichick in 2022

This was more than enough for fans to start talking. Some complained about the way Devin was treated. Dave shared his opinion and thanked the Patriots, but there isn’t anything shady in his message. Just a father thanking his son’s former head coach. Simple as that. Asiasi wasn’t a good fit for the Patriots 2022 roster.”Yet another Patriots player whose family resents the way he was treated,” one fan wrote.

“I hope the kid becomes a star the quality of the father reflects on the son,” one fan added.

Yes, there were also fans who praised Asiasi and wished him a good career with his next football team.

“First class , wishing the best to your son for a great career,” one fan added.

“Appreciate your coaches. Too many people out there lately act like they don’t matter. Much respect. Good luck to Devin in cinci,” one fan added.

Belichick has his way of doing things and fans have already embraced this approach. The Patriots made many moves in the last few weeks. Asiasi won’t be a member of the Patriots family, but Belichick has plenty of options on the field. The 2022 NFL season will be really challenging for the Patriots. They have to try harder than usual to repair the damage and avoid a big disaster. Players lost the preseason finale to the Las Vegas Raiders despite their great performance in practice. Belichick made surprising cuts, but let’s just trust the process. Who will be the next to go?