Gisele Takes Notable Trip Amid Tom Brady Fight

Trouble in paradise? Gisele Bundchen was really supportive in the past, but she and her husband Tom Brady had a big fight.

The Brazilian supermodel wants the best for her husband. She expressed her concerns about Brady’s health long ago. Quarterbacks receive a lot of hits in the head and Gisele wanted her husband to be safe. She also wants to work on her career. I mean, Gisele has plans. She has a career. Brady spends most of the year outside their home and Gisele is responsible for the household. She takes care of their two kids and Brady’s kid with his ex.

So, Gisele took the kids and left the home. She took a trip and this was more than enough for people to start talking about a potential split.

Gisele and Brady shock the world with their fight

Brady announced his decision to retire in the offseason. He shocked the NFL world mostly because people thought he’d play for a few more seasons. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers didn’t expect him back, but Brady changed his mind and signed another deal with the team. He gave them a title in 2020 and he has a chance to do the same again.

“Gisele Bündchen has returned to Florida and reunited with her kids, taking them to a water park following her spat with husband Tom Brady,” Page Six reports.

“But the supermodel has since jetted back to Florida to be with their kids. She was seen with them on Sunday at the Tidal Cove Water Park in Aventura, just north of Miami.”

“Page Six exclusively reported last week that Bündchen, 42, had left their family compound in Tampa and flew alone to Costa Rica after an “epic fight” with Brady, 45, and amid rumors they were splitting.”

Many thought that Gisele would stand by his side, but everything points to the fact that she sees things differently. We do hope they overcome obstacles and find a solution to the current situation. Gisele and Brady make one of the most popular couple in the world. Will they separate? Will they ignore this fight?