Hip Hop Legend Lil Wayne Makes Strong Claim Ahead of Lakers New Season

Lil Wayne can’t wait to see the Los Angeles Lakers enter the new season for several major reasons. LeBron James and his teammates are coming off of a bad season and the front office is busy repairing the damage. They got Patrick Beverley and this is just the beginning.

Analysts came up with different predictions about the upcoming season. Some predict a bad season for the team, while others have high expectations for the team. Lil Wayne will definitely be here celebrating each and every success with the Lakers.

“Beyond being a fan, I believe we can go all the way. I believe the Lakers can go as far as LeBron (James) can take them. As far as AD (Anthony Davis) can take them, as far as his health can take them. I think if LeBron and AD are out there, I don’t think Russ (Westbrook) can hurt them. You’ve gotta remember, it’s not like LeBron and AD were out there – he (Westbrook) didn’t do that (dominate the ball and force the offense) while they were out there,” Lil Wayne said during an appearance on Fox Sports’ Uninterrupted.

Lil Wayne predicts a win for the Lakers in the 2022-23 NBA season

The Lakers can rely on LeBron in 2022-23. They can also rely on Anthony Davis. The big man has to stay healthy in order to lead the team to another win. We have people saying he should go to the Golden State Warriors. It’s a rather unlikely scenario, but hey, impossible is nothing.

The franchise showed interest in several players. There’s plenty of time to improve the roster and get players who can actually lead the team to a win. Russell Westbrook is considered a top target at this point, but Pelinka hasn’t found a good trade partner. He is now willing to add a couple of first-round picks to the Russ trade.

Lil Wayne may be right about the comments he made. LeBron is still a Laker and everything is fine as long as he wears purple and gold. Impossible is nothing at this point.