Lakers LeBron James Sends Bold Message To Carmelo Anthony

LeBron James wanted the Los Angeles Lakers to get Carmelo Anthony, but the front office didn’t make a move right away. They got Melo last season. Rob Pelinka wanted to pack the roster with veteran power and increase the team’s chances to make the playoffs. Veterans joined forces, but the Lakers didn’t even make the big game.

Melo has to make a decision on his future. LA hasn’t offered him a new deal which makes him an unrestricted free agent. Will LeBron help him again? The four-time NBA champion trusts his teammate and wants him to get a good deal for the upcoming season.

LeBron James may not play with Carmelo Anthony again

The Lakers got a really good performance from Melo. He was consistent throughout the first half of the regular season and started struggling at the end of the season. During his time with the Lakers, Melo averaged 13.3 points, 4.2 rebounds, and an assists while going 37.5% from deep and 52.1 from inside the perimeter. NBA teams can use him as a bench scorer.

Boston Celtics fans want Melo to put on a Celtics jersey. Will Brad Stevens make a move to get the former Lakers veteran? According to several sources, Stevens wants to add younger players to his team. Brian Scalabrine joined the army of people who advise the Celtics to get Melo.

“Jayson Tatum, Jaylen Brown, they look up to guys like that. They looked up to Joe Johnson and Brad [Stevens] thought it was really cool to bring Joe Johnson in,” Scalabrine said during an appearance on NBA Radio. “I think it should be the same kind of thing. Carmelo Anthony, if you watch him on Instagram, he’s kind of helping his son out, he’s working out younger kids – I could see how there could be some advantages to having Carmelo on the roster, not just on the playing side, but also the mentoring side of our two stars.”

Let’s see how things go for Melo. He has so much to offer despite his age. Where will he go now?