Lakers Superstar LeBron James Flexes A New Talent That Not Too Many Fans Know About

LeBron James is the best basketball player in NBA history, but most fans don’t know a thing about his new talent. The four-time NBA champion knows how to shock people and we all know doubters follow every move he makes. What’s LeBron up to this time? He is getting ready for a really challenging season with the Lakers and he’s doing some cool stuff in the meantime.

King James is also a successful businessman. He took his business to LA and yes, he’s inked some cool deals over the years. LeBron has great endorsement deals on his desk. He sings, loves football, and draws. Yes, you read it right. LeBron played football in high school and he seems to be a really skilled artist.

LeBron James shows off hilarious talent

The Lakers superstar took to his Instagram to show off his drawing skills. This is nice! I guess LeBron is successful in pretty much anything he does.

“Just messing and doodling around. Miss doing this all the time. Used to be my escape. Bart got a big a- head though. My bad Bart. Been awhile,” LeBron wrote.

So, the multitalented king of basketball takes his hobbies seriously. Maybe he will keep doing this once his NBA career is over. Being an artist is not such a bad idea after all. LeBron is talented and his talent has earned him millions. The man also loves good music and endorses his favorite artists.

When it comes to his on-floor performance, LeBron hasn’t missed a beat. He plays elite basketball and the Lakers will try to get the best of it. They won’t have another disappointing season. They shouldn’t have another disappointing season. LeBron is a winner and has a few great seasons left in the tank. Rob Pelinka and Jeanie Buss better use this fact wisely.

LeBron doesn’t say much about his future. Will he be an artist? Will he focus on his production company? New endorsement deals? Music maybe? He is a professional basketball player at the moment and that’s his main priority.