LeBron James Has 1 Big Question For The College Sports World

LeBron James, the greatest basketball player of all time, has big question for the college sports world. It’s related to his favorite game and explores several major options. We all know that LeBron played football, too. He would’ve been an excellent football player. Of course, the king of basketball said that bad quarterbacks helped him make a decision and join the NBA. We can only imagine his impact in the NFL world.

LeBron reminded everyone of his love for football. He took to Twitter to ask the following question:

“Do I have college eligibility if I went to play another sport besides basketball? How does that rule work?”

LeBron James could try his chances in other college sports

Fans turned the whole situation upside down. The four-time NBA champion sure knows how to make people talk. Some cracked a joke at his expense, saying that Russell Westbrook will make him choose football over basketball. Others shared photoshopped photos of LeBron wearing football gear.

The GOAT didn’t go to college. He joined the NBA straight from high school. We can’t even be mad at this point. He was a star in high school and it was more than obvious that he’d become a professional basketball player. Going to college wasn’t even an option back in the days. LeBron wanted to play basketball and he was a top prospects. Will he consider going back to school now? He will be 38 in December. We have another question. Will he even dare to play football at this age?

LeBron could definitely do an excellent job on the football field. He is a star after all. He is doing an excellent job on the basketball court. The Lakers superstar is entering another important season. He came to LA to get some rings. We’d leave football aside for now. When it comes to Westbrook, he will probably start the new season as a Laker. LeBron has nothing but words of praise for his teammate. He has high expectations from the veteran and yes, impossible is nothing.