LeBron James Not Happy Browns Passed On Josh Allen

The Buffalo Bills got a really great quarterback in 2018. The Cleveland Browns and a few other teams ignored Josh Allen in the draft and he turned out to be one of the best to ever play the game. It was a big blow for the Browns and LeBron knows it. Allen would’ve helped them build a strong roster and even win more games. It didn’t happen. Allen and the Bills became a nightmare for most teams in the NFL, including the New England Patriots. Mac Jones and his teammates lost the wild-card game to the Bills and didn’t even get any near the Super Bowl.

LeBron watched the game between the Buffalo Bills and the Los Angeles Rams. It was an exciting game and LeBron was more than thrilled to see Allen do his thing on the football field. I mean, his game is special and the Bills are winning games without a problem. They smashed the Rams with a 31-10 score and LeBron was fuming. How could the Browns ignore such gem? Oh, yes, they passed on selecting Allen TWICE!

The Browns could’ve won with Josh Allen as their QB

Allen has a bright future in the NFL and he is slowly developing into one of the best quarterbacks to ever hit the football field. The Browns can only watching him do miracles and regret their bad decision. How could they select Baker Mayfield instead of Allen? The team used the No.1 overall to get Mayfield and drafted cornerback Denzel Ward with the 4th overall pick. Mayfield was great in his first few seasons in the NFL and finished second in the 2018 Rookie of the Year voting. Allen didn’t have an explosive start, but he is a star now. His work ethic and great results leave no room for speculation and doubts.

Allen is doing better than most quarterbacks in the NFL. Analysts have predicted great wins for him. LeBron has a good reason to be upset and the same goes to pretty much every member of the Browns family.