LeBron James Reacts To Dennis Schroder Lakers Return

The Los Angeles Lakers placed a familiar name back and fans got really excited. LeBron James is more than happy to see Dennis Schroder re-sign with the team. He even shared a photo to his Instagram stories.

Schroder spent a year outside LA and he is back again. Adding another guard may be a hint about Russell Westbrook’s future with the team, but we wouldn’t go into that one before the team makes an official decision.

LeBron James and Dennis Schroder won a lot of games together

LeBron likes sharing the floor with former teammates. He knows Schroder really well and hopefully, the German native will repeat the performance he had in the 2020-21 NBA season. Schroder averaged 13.5 points, 3.5 rebounds, and 5.8 assists per game while going 33.5% from deep and 47.6% from two-point range. He could be an excellent addition to the current Lakers team.

The Lakers tried to keep Schroder in LA, offering him $84 million deal. He turned down the offer, hoping to get a better deal. It didn’t happen. The Lakers didn’t have great success later in the season and Schroder’s value dropped. The Boston Celtics offered him a deal and he didn’t get a lot of money. Schroder split his season between Boston and the Houston Rockets. He then focused on leading Germany to a title. He didn’t won a title and now he is back in the NBA.

Why did the Lakers make a move to add Schroder? They have Patrick Beverley and Westbrook. Schroder’s addition makes things a little complicated for everyone. Lakers head coach Darvin Ham wants to create a new role for Russ. Will Schroder even get a starting role? It’s too soon to make a prediction.

Rob Pelinka is in contact with the Utah Jazz, hoping to get a green light for an eventual trade. Utah is rebuilding the roster and they may get Russ only if Pelinka adds a couple of two-round picks to his offer. This is just speculation and we’ll wait for an official statement from the franchise.