LeBron James Reacts To Unexpected U.S. Open Upset

LeBron James watched Frances Tiafoe beat Rafael Nadal in the U.S. Open and his excitement was real.

Young Tiafoe celebrated the biggest win in his career. He upset the second seed Nadal 6-4, 4-6, 6-4, 6-3 to make the U.S. Open quarter finals for the very first time. That isn’t something you see every day.

LeBron James celebrated Tiafoe’s win at the U.S. Open

Tiafoe did a wonder in front of a loud home crowd at Arthur Ashe Stadium. The 22nd seed is the first man to beat the tennis star on court in a grand slam in 2022. This was also the first time since Wimbledon 2017 that the legend has lost before the quarter-final part of a grand slam. So, yes, it was a bit special.

LeBron James was shocked at the U.S. Open

LeBron took to Twitter to share his excitement. He congratulated Tiafoe on the great win, calling him “young king”. Tiafoe was more than honor and even wanted to retweet right away. It didn’t happen and he waited a bit.

“In his press conference just now Tiafoe said he was ‘losing it’ after he saw this tweet but wanted to play it cool and not retweet it right away,” D’Arcy Maine reports.

How did it happen? Nadal’s final backhand hit the net. Tiafoe couldn’t believe his eyes. It’s a great achievement after all. “I don’t even know what to say right now,” he said during the interview, “I’m beyond happy, I’m almost in tears.”

Tiafoe had another press conference on Monday night. He recounted the emotions. It was like the world stopped for him. He couldn’t hear a thing and didn’t know what to say when he was shaking Nadal’s hand. This blurry moment will always remind the world of the great win young Tiafoe had that day. He is writing history and yes, LeBron will be one of the greatest supporters he will have in his career. The four-time NBA champion will be right there, watching the young player conquer other heights. Who is next on his list?