Mac Jones Gets Spot-On Comparison То Former Patriots Rival Quarterback

New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick trusted Mac Jones for a reason and experts believe he looks just like a rival quarterback.

Tom Brady’s departure left a big hole on the Patriots roster. Belichick didn’t have much time to find his replacement. He selected Jones, hoping to get a Brady-like performance. Well, NFL insiders believe Jones is more like Chad Pennington from the New York Jets.

Albert Breer from Sports Illustrated talked about Jones’ role with the Patriots and Belichick’s willingness to bench him.

“Do I have some reservations about Mac Jones? I do think he’s, to a degree, limited physically,” Breer said. “But that doesn’t mean I don’t think he can be a really good player. And I think the comp I was given before the 2021 draft is a very apt one—Jones looks to me, through 20 NFL starts, like Chad Pennington. Some took that as a shot when I brought it up in the spring of his draft year. I promise you, it’s not. I really liked Pennington as a player, and his résumé can lead you where you need to go with this.”

Breer, other insiders compare Mac Jones to rival quarterback for obvious reasons

Ben Volin from The Boston Globe made similar comments.

“I didn’t think I’d be wondering whether I need to recalibrate my expectations for Mac Jones two games into his second NFL season,” Volin said. “But I am wondering, if not quite recalibrating yet.”

Jones didn’t have a really good performance in the first two games of the regular season. He hit just two touchdowns and two picks. He works really hard, but Patriots fans hope to see more from him.

“The frustrating thing with Jones is that he’s not doing the things well that he is supposed to be able to do well,” Volin continued. “Now, we know he does not have a rocket/laser arm by NFL quarterback standards. He reminds me of Chad Pennington. He also reminds me that Tom Brady could throw missiles when he needed to. Maybe Jones will build arm strength. Brady sure did. But there’s only so much improvement that can be made to his fastball.”

It’s too soon to make a prediction. Jones entered his second NFL season with great plans. The offense struggled a lot, but the young quarterback is confident about his performance.