Ohio State Confirms Scholarship Offer to Bronny James

LeBron James must be proud of his oldest son Bronny. The kid got the good genes and his basketball skills have been making headlines for a really long time. NBA scouts have nothing but words of praise for Bronny. He got their attention from the very first moment he stepped on the basketball court. Analysts predicted an excellent career for Bronny and his future in the NFL is really bright. Ohio State stepped forward with an offer for Bronny and they have just confirmed it.

Bronny and his popular father were there to watch Ohio State beat Notre Dame on Saturday. Fans noticed the duo and chanted throughout the game. Bronny noticed the crowd, but he wasn’t surprised. He grew up in the spotlight after all. Basketball head coach Chris Holtmann may get Bronny on his team sooner than expected.

Ohio State has a good offer for Bronny

Joe Tipton of On3 Sports reported that LeBron’s son “has long held a ‘standing offer’ from Ohio State,” adding that it was “reconfirmed by the coaching staff in August.”

Bronny is a four-star prospect and the No.45 overall player in the 2023 class. Will Bronny make a move to go back to Ohio? Ohio State has the No.9 overall class in 2023. The group has 4-star small forward Scotty Middleton and 4-star power forward Devin Royal. There’s a need for a ball-handling playmaker in the backcourt which makes Bronny an excellent addition.

Holtmann made moves to bring in the No.8 class in 2022. He is building the future and he is expected to make some explosive moves.

Getting Bronny would add a good boost to the team. The talented kid goes to high school in California now, but he may soon go back to Columbus.

LeBron would be more than happy to go back to Ohio, too. He moved his business to Los Angeles, but he may go home at one point in the future.

Let’s see what happens in the near future. We can only make guesses at this point. LeBron will support his son and help him make the best decision.