Patrick Beverley Has Blunt Response to LeBron James Question

Patrick Beverley will share the floor with LeBron James for the very first time in his NBA career. That’s a great deal for most NBA players, but Beverley is a special breed. We know he’s been involved in so many altercations. Why did the Los Angeles Lakers trade for someone who hates Russell Westbrook? There are so many questions related to Beverley’s arrival in Los Angeles, but he had a blunt response for one of them.

Beverley is a Laker now and he had his first post-workout press conference with the Lakers. He received a lot of questions and one of them was related to the king of basketball. Beverley is excited about his new season with the Lakers and the opportunity he was given. One of the reporters asked him about LeBron. How does he feel?

“They’ll be playing with me,” he interrupted. “I made the playoffs last year, they didn’t. There’s a difference.

“… I”m glad we get a chance to play with each other.”

Patrick Beverley has to follow LeBron James

Not the best response. I mean, some say he was being disrespectful. Beverley didn’t make the playoffs because he is the best player in the NBA. He is a decent player but his team made the playoffs for a few other reasons. His greatness may not be one of them. Beverley is a nice contributor and he’d sure add a good depth to the defense, but he is not the GOAT. Yes, Lakers players will play together, but these comments were just too much.

Of course, Beverley didn’t miss the chance to say he is excited to play with the four-time NBA champion. His initial comments were a bit awkward though.

“I have [known] Bron since I was a baby, a rookie in this league, so obviously I want to play with him,” he said.

The Lakers will make a few more moves later in the offseason and Beverley won’t be the only player they plan to add. Beverley can easily become a replaceable target. Let’s see how this goes.