Patriots Insider Calls Out Mac Jones In Shocking Review

The New England Patriots won the game against the Pittsburgh Steelers, but several experts have expressed their concerns about the team. Quarterback Mac Jones was really confident about his season, but one particular review doesn’t go in his favor. Ben Volin is not really happy with Jones’ performance. He was expected to improve, but Volin noticed a regression.

“As for what hasn’t worked, let me put it this way: I didn’t think I’d be wondering whether I need to recalibrate my expectations for Mac Jones two games into his second NFL season,” Volin detailed. “But I am wondering, if not quite recalibrating yet. The frustrating thing with Jones is that he’s not doing the things well that he is supposed to be able to do well.”

Mac Jones to prove Ben Volin wrong following this review

Jones works really hard and everyone has praised his work ethic. However, analysts say he is an immobile quarterback with an average arm. That’s what they saw in the first two games of the regular season. He is an incredibly accurate quarterback, but his performance has been a bit disappointing.

“Now, we know he does not have a rocket/laser arm by NFL quarterback standards,” Volin wrote. “He reminds me of Chad Pennington. He also reminds me that Tom Brady could throw missiles when he needed to. Maybe Jones will build arm strength. Brady sure did. But there’s only so much improvement that can be made to his fastball.”

Jones has to work on his arm strength. If this doesn’t work, he will have to focus on his accuracy with the ball.

“When it came to playing the most important position in the sport, if not all of sports, he seemed savvier than his experience suggested he had any right to be,” Volin wrote. “Which is why it’s odd that Jones is making rookie mistakes this year. He’s throwing into tight and double coverage too often, including an inexplicable decision to do so to Jonnu Smith in the second half Sunday. There have been instances, such as with Minkah Fitzpatrick’s interception Sunday, where it’s almost as if Jones didn’t see a second defender.”

Patriots offense has to try harder

Jones wasn’t too happy with his performance, too. He was a bit frustrated. Let’s not forget that the Patriots offense struggled in the preseason. They did slightly better in Week 2 against the Steelers, but Volin says that Jones is responsible for the situation.

“I think he’s also too reliant on Jakobi Meyers,” Volin pointed out. “Meyers is a fine possession receiver, and he was efficient Sunday — nine catches on 13 targets. But in the past, he has been inefficient — he had 83 catches on 124 targets last season — and he’s not a yards-after-the-catch threat. Leaning on Meyers too much is not going to make the offense any more dynamic. Nelson Agholor and Bourne have to be involved.”