Patriots’ Kendrick Bourne Offers Update On Role Ahead Of Week 2

The New England Patriots had some struggles in the preseason. Yes, they looked good in practice, but players struggled to make an impact in preseason games and lost the Week 1 game to the Miami Dolphins. Kendrick Bourne was one of the struggling players and he sure has something to say about his performance in Week 2.

Bourne was a key factor for the Patriots last season, but Matt Patricia benched him in Week 1. The receiver had some issues in the offseason and his attitude was quite a problem. He was late for team meeting and Patricia didn’t like it at all. Well, team owner Robert Kraft doesn’t believe that benching Bourne was a good idea.

The veteran didn’t really help his teammates on the field in Florida. How does he feel about it? We have a feeling that Bourne will see more than two offensive snaps against the Pittsburgh Steelers tomorrow.

Kendrick Bourne has great plans for Week 2

Bourne met with the media Friday and received a lot of questions. Here’s a fraction of his session with NFL reporters:

Question: Any indication this week, maybe a little bit more action for you?

Bourne: “Yeah, I’ve just been practicing, been in the role. Just rotating. Just waiting to go in. It’s been good, though.”

Q: Do you feel like you’re getting closer to giving the coaches what they’re looking for?

Bourne: “Yeah. Yeah. I’m feeling better.”

Q: That role in practice, is it similar to what you were in last week in practice?

Bourne: “Yeah, kind of the same thing. Just rotating, going in when they call me in and playing the plays that I get in.”

Q: How’d you feel about your practices this week?

Bourne: “I felt better. I felt better. Felt a lot better. Healthy, just moving well and just wanting to do everything right that I’m supposed to do.”

Q: You mentioned being healthy this week. Were you dealing with something last week?

Bourne: “No, no. Just feeling good. Just moving. Just trying to stay healthy, that’s the biggest thing. Taking care of my body, doing rehab, doing things.”

Q: How significantly has your role changed in terms of the routes they’re asking you to run and the roles they’re asking you to play when you’re out there?

Bourne: “Not much has changed. Just doing what they ask me to do. Everything’s really the same in a sense. Just doing the role they ask me to play, so keeping it the same.”

Q: But you feel like you’ll be a little bit more involved?

Bourne: “Yeah, yeah, for sure. I got some plays that I see out there. It was kind of the same last week, too, but it’s the same.”

Q: What has helped you through this period?

Bourne: “Just keeping my spirits high. Not getting down. Just staying focused, staying in the playbook, staying on top of the things I need to be on top of so I can be ready to make plays.”