Patriots Matthew Judon Reacts To Severe Tua Tagovailoa Concussion

Miami Dolphins quarterback Tua Tagovalioa suffered a concussion on Thursday evening and the world stopped for a second. The Cincinnati Bengals sacked Tagovailoa in the second quarter of the game, leaving him stretched on the ground. The Dolphins quarterback had to be admitted to a local hospital. According to initial reports, Tagovailoa was diagnosed with serious neck and head injuries. There’s no room for panic, because Tagovailoa can move his extremities without any problem. Patriots Matthew Judon was one of the many NFL players who reacted to Tagovailoa’s head injury.

“It was no reason that man should of been in the game,” Judon tweeted. “SMH. Protect yourself because some people only see you as a football player.”

He’s not the only one. Dont’a Hightower called out Amazon for the broadcast of the injury.

“Why the hell would you replay this man laying on the ground like that…prayers up tua,” Hightower tweeted.

Patriots Matthew Judon sparkles another discussion

Tagovailoa has to get ready for the Green Bay Packers as his team will meet Aaron Rodgers and his teammates this Sunday. Rodgers will have to do his best in the game against the Patriots.

“He’s got three sacks and 91’s (Deatrich Wise) got four, so they got a good pass rush,” Rodgers told reporters Wednesday. “Plus, they give you a ton of different looks, you know, with empty pressures, adjustments, checks of their own, delayed blitzes, spying — lot of different things they can do. So, we got to be aware of where he’s at because he’s a game-wrecker.”

Judon heard the comments Rodgers made and his reaction was… expected. The Packers will have to prepare for New England. Yes, Bill Belichick’s team has two losses in the chart, but they can’t take the best coach in NFL history for granted.

“He should know who I am, he’s gotta play me, man! With the most respect to Aaron Rodgers as I can, I think he watches film and knows who we are and we know who he is,” Judon said. “Regardless, if Aaron’s playing or Jordan (Love) is playing, regardless of who’s behind the center, we’re trying to get after him. He knows that. We know that. So him knowing my name, or him not knowing my name, ain’t going to really have any effect on me doing my job. I’m out there to do a job and get whoever’s got the ball on the ground. But shouts out to Aaron Rodgers for knowing my name, I guess.”