Patriots Re-Sign Former Charger After Losing Veteran CB To Titans

The New England Patriots had a busy Wednesday. Head coach Bill Belichick made some small, but important moves for the team. The Patriots are getting ready for Lamar Jackson and the Baltimore Ravens. Veteran cornerback Terrence Mitchell is no longer a Patriot as the Tennessee Titans rushed to sign him. The Patriots lost a player and decided to re-sign a former Charger in the same day.

Kicker Tristan Vizcaino is back with the Patriots as confirmed by his management group. Vizcaino spent time with the Los Angeles Chargers and San Francisco 49ers. The Patriots had him in training camp and he also spent the preseason with the team. Vizcaino didn’t survive the final roster trimmings, but he is back now.

The talented kicker has made nine of his ten field goal attempts so far. Fans remember the 47-yarder he delivered in his rookie campaign with the 49ers. It was Vizcaino’s longest field goal and fans hope to see something similar in the upcoming season.

Patriots re-sign the former Charger after cutting him

Vizcaino has skills and talent, but has yet to secure his future in the NFL. Teams would gladly use someone like him, but he struggles to get a good deal. He has 90% accuracy rate and that’s better than most kickers in the NFL which makes him a good option for teams.

New England could really use skilled players at this point. Vizcaino was both kicker and punter at college. Belichick respects versatile players and maybe Vizcaino will be able to get a good contract with the team. Hopefully, he will stay consistent and play his best football. Inconsistency was a big issue for the kicker at college. He went undrafted and had to spend time on practice units. Not an ideal scenario for a talented player like Vizcaino, right?

Belichick trusts Nick Folk and the veteran kicker has delivered monster performance in the last couple of seasons. He is expected to have another great season, but he can’t play the game forever. Maybe Vizcaino will step in as a good replacement for the veteran. Impossible is nothing and now is Vizcaino’s time to shine.