Retired Patriots Super Bowl Champion Says: ‘I Want To Play Football’

The New England Patriots may get unexpected help from a former player. Patriots head coach Bill Belichick would gladly add any of his retired players back, including Super Bowl champion Patrick Chung. Guess what… The former Patriots player really wants to play football!

Chunk, 35, took to Twitter to express his excitement for the new season and tell the world that he really misses the game. Is he coming back to the NFL field?

This was more than enough for Patriots fans. Everyone got so excited about his potential return and some even predicted a great season for him. Just like Julian Edelman. The former Patriots wideout has been teasing a potential return from the very first moment he called it career.

Retired Patriots champion to challenge a packed safety unit

Some say it’s a joke and some can’t wait to see Chung wearing a Patriots uniform again. Chung spent most of his career with the Patriots and had just one season with the Philadelphia Eagles. It was a nice decade, but he had to retire at one point. Does he belong to the stands? I don’t think so. Chunk was really durable during his time with the Patriots despite the serious injuries he had.

The new season is already here and Chung got this wild desire to hit the football field again. There’s one tiny detail. He hasn’t played the game in a while and this may be a big obstacle. Belichick has enough safeties on his roster, but he may always make room for the 35-year-old. Devin McCourty, Adrian Phillips, and Kyle Dugger are leading the group. Josh Bledsoe and Jabril Peppers are here, too. Will these guys make room for him? Why not? There’s always room for experienced players like Chung. He may not get many snaps, but hey, he knows the game and his championship pedigree makes him a winner.

The Patriots are entering an exciting season. The Miami Dolphins are first on their list and players better prepare for this tough game. We’ve been waiting for this! Football season is officially here!