Russell Westbrook Is ‘Very Open’ To Getting Traded By Lakers Despite Not Requesting Trade

The Los Angeles Lakers are still searching for answers, but Russell Westbrook won’t be requesting a trade at this point. The team had a chance to trade him, but he is still a Laker. How will Rob Pelinka solve this problem? There are several options and Russ is not making things easier for the Lakers.

The Lakers traded a bunch of players to get Westbrook. It was a risky move, but everyone was so convinced that he’d be the right person to join LeBron James and Anthony David. The Westbrook experiment didn’t work and the franchise may have to trade him. LA has shown interest in several trade targets. Kyrie Irving was probably the biggest target for the team. He will enter the new season with the Brooklyn Nets, leaving the Lakers with empty hands. Who is next on the list? Will Westbrook agree to this trade? How does he feel about it?

Russell Westbrook won’t be requesting a trade in the near future

Ramona Shelburne from ESPN reported that Westbrook would be fine with pretty much any trade deal. He is not requesting a trade, but he’d go somewhere else without a second thought.

Lakers fans were really frustrated. Some of them trashed Westbrook every time he landed a foot on the floor. It was nasty and the Lakers superstar didn’t want his family to attend home games. Disrespectful fans didn’t stop and Westbrook’s frustration grew bigger.

The Lakers would’ve traded Westbrook a few months ago, but NBA teams wanted Pelinka to add a couple of first-round picks to his trade proposal. It was an unacceptable request and Westbrook didn’t go anywhere.

Westbrook has to improve his performance or even embrace a bench role, otherwise he may be forced to call it career. The upcoming season is really important for the one-time MVP and he has to do his best. Let’s see what happens next. Westbrook will have to play with Patrick Beverley in the upcoming season. Darvin Ham plans to use them in his lineups, so they have to get used to the new situation.