Shaquille O’Neal Says Patrick Beverley Shoving Chris Paul In The Back Wasn’t Cheap Shot

Patrick Beverley shoved Chris Paul in the back at the Western Conference Finals and this incident has been making headlines for quite some time. Current and former NBA players talked about the incident and they all picked sides.

Beverley joined the Los Angeles Clippers through the Chris Paul Trade. He made a mistake in the final moments of his time with the Clippers. The LA team traded him away, but people didn’t forget his “gesture.” Beverley is a Laker now, but this incident will haunt him forever.

The newly-added Lakers superstar never shared details of the incident. He talked about it during his appearance on the JJ Redick podcast. What happened on the floor?

Beverley explained that the thing between him and Paul first started in high school, adding that people don’t really realize it. He is convinced that people can’t understand the backstory. So, it all started when Beverley received an invitation for LeBron James’ camp when he was in college. The veteran “killed” Paul and seeing him in the NBA added fuel to the fire. This energy kept going over the years.

O’Neal discusses the reasons Patrick Beverley had to shove Chris Paul in the back

Shoving Paul in the back made fans angry. Some say it’s a cheap shot. O’Neal spoke his mind on The Big Podcast. He is not really convinced that it was a cheap shot.

“That’s not a cheap shot,” the NBA legend said. “I don’t care, how about that? I’ll tell you what, if Chris Paul was so mad, how come he didn’t meet him in the back by the busses?”

That’s a good point. People will keep delivering their opinion on the incident, but both Beverley and Paul are busy doing their thing in the NBA. Why bother with outside noise? Beverley has a chance for a fresh start with the Lakers and that’s the only thing that matters now. He joins another “rival” in LA. How will he and Russell Westbrook work together? Let’s wait and find out. It’s an important season for everyone involved.