Skip Bayless Drops Truth Bomb On Lakers Superstar LeBron James

Skip Bayless doesn’t even think of joining the army of supporters LeBron James has behind his back. The Fox Sports analyst uses every opportunity to criticize the Los Angeles Lakers superstar. I guess Bayless doesn’t like the fact that LeBron signed another advertisement deal. The Lakers offered him a two-year extension worth $97 million.

“Another huge (and lucrative) national-TV ad for LeBron (with Lily) … yet he insisted on taking the max from the Lakers instead of (like Tim Duncan or Brady) giving his team more cap room to improve the supporting cast. I just don’t get it. Does he no longer want to win???” Bayless wrote on Twitter.

What is he trying to do? Duncan received small deals back in the days. Bayless believes that LeBron should do the same and give the Lakers more money to reshape the roster.

Skip Bayless made the same LeBron James comments in 2017

Bayless’ criticism for LeBron started many years ago. In 2017, he made similar comments about Duncan’s contracts, advising the king of basketball to dot he same.

“LeBron, why don’t you follow the Tim Duncan method?… Tim Duncan over his last three seasons with the Spurs made $10.3 million, $10.3 million, and in his last year, $6 million – by his choice. Tim Duncan, the great Tim Duncan, and an All-Time top-five player could have said ‘I have earned the right to make the max all the way home’…What if he had said ‘I’ll take $30 million per year for the last three years?’ What would it have done to the Spurs’ quality depth?”

LeBron is the best basketball player of all time. Jeanie Buss and Magic Johnson worked day and night to give him a good deal. LeBron became a Laker and even moved his business to LA. The Lakers are happy to have him and they really wanted to give him a good deal. Let’s just say LeBron earned those millions. He had a monster performance last season and almost won the MVP award. The team didn’t make the playoffs, but it wasn’t his fault.