This Big Change To Patriots Offense Was Obvious In Week 1 Loss

The New England Patriots made some changes to their offense. Josh McDaniels left a big void on the coaching staff. He left the Patriots to coach the Las Vegas Raiders and the team worked really hard to fill up the void. Well, the post-McDaniels offense received serious criticism. Players looked good in practice, but the preseason was disappointing. The Week 1 game was even more disappointing for Patriots fans. Head coach Bill Belichick insists that both teams were equal. However, the Patriots offense couldn’t beat the Miami Dolphins in Week 1.

What changed this summer? The Patriots didn’t really use 12 personnel in 2021, but they sure used this squad on 46.4% of the plays in the first game of the regular season. Hunter Henry and Jonnu Smith joined their teammates on the field, playing about half of the offensive snaps. Henry saw 77% of the snaps and Smith did 68%.

The Patriots offense will learn from the Week 1 loss

Belichick removed the fullback position from the roster. His receivers didn’t deliver strong receiving numbers. Henry had two catches on three targets for 20 yards and Smith had three catches on four targets for 33 yards.

“I think the game is probably about the same for just about all of us that participated in the game,” Belichick said Monday when asked about his tight ends. “There’s some positive things. There’s certainly things we could all do better. … But I’m sure if we keep working and just do a few things better, do a few little things better, do a few big things better, that we’ll be better. So that’s what we’re going to do.”

Belichick will use this loss as a foundation for his next one. He prepares his teams for each team, but the Week 1 loss will definitely help him find a solution to the biggest mistakes players made. Mac Jones and his teammates will try to avoid similar catastrophe in the game against the Pittsburgh Steelers. Let’s see how it goes. It’s a long season after all. Will Pats improve their gameplan? Absolutely.