Anthony Davis Goes Off About Russell Westbrook & Lakers Offense Following Scrimmage

Anthony Davis and LeBron James will play with Russell Westbrook again and hopefully, the Los Angeles Lakers will make more impact this season. Head coach Darvin Ham has plans for his starting lineup and he hopes to see a good performance from Westbrook. The same goes to other players on the roster.

Lakers players had their practice and yes, Russ really looks great on the basketball court. There has been much chatter about Westbrook’s role with the team. NBA analysts advised him to accept a bench role if he wants to succeed with the Lakers. Will Westbrook even agree to an off-ball role? Jovan Buha from The Athletic reported that Westbrook spent a lot of time working on his off-ball game.

“Westbrook was more engaged as a screener, setting ball screens for James and Nunn on separate possessions….There appeared to be better synergy between James and Westbrook,” Buha wrote in an October 2 article. 

Anthony Davis and Russell Westbrook to win games together

Westbrook is coming off of a disappointing season, but he is ready to give his best and fit in Ham’s gameplan. He is one of the better players in the NBA and the Lakers had high expectations from him. The team spent the entire season looking for trade partners, but they haven’t found any. NBA teams would gladly accept Russ, but they all want to get a couple of first-round picks, too.

Davis admits that Westbrook is doing his best to embrace the role with his current team.

“When we’re all trying to be unselfish and share the wealth, the ball kind of ends up getting lost around the perimeter or we’re going up against the shot clock,” Davis told Buha. “But when somebody is staying aggressive and Russ is getting downhill, Bron is getting downhill, it opens up the floor. Because they’re aggressive where guys have to help out, they can kick it out to shooters.”

Westbrook faces big challenge this offseason. Playing alongside Patrick Beverley is the biggest issue on the table, but Ham has a plan for both veterans. He may even use them both in the starting lineup.