Anthony Davis Talks About Lakers Championship Hopes

Anthony Davis won a ring in his first season with the Los Angeles Lakers and the big man sure hopes to celebrate another championship title.

Davis missed a lot of time in the last couple of seasons. He sustained serious injuries and struggled to stay healthy. He used the offseason to improve his physical condition and yes, his shot is crazy!

The Lakers superstar discussed the situation inside the locker room. Davis heard all the rumors about his team. He knows that analysts criticize the team, but he also knows that his team has a chance to celebrate another title.

“The past year, year and a half, we’ve only been seen in a negative light,” Davis said. “It’s on us, yes, we have to win basketball games, obviously…We have two mediocre seasons, and now it’s whatever. Which is fine, we don’t really care, we just go out and play basketball and perform. But, it’s also the truth, I mean no one has us winning it (a championship) this year, except for us in this organization.

“When you have two seasons like that, things happen and people start having their opinions. But, we feel like we’re the underdogs and I feel like everybody on this team has something to prove, and everybody has a chip on their shoulder. We’re gonna come out ready to play this season.”

Anthony Davis, Lakers teammates will do their best to win a championship

The Lakers weren’t too busy this offseason. They hired Darvin Ham and made a few additions. Patrick Beverley is a Laker now. He will get to play with Russell Westbrook after all the drama between them. That’s not all. The Lakers made a few other additions and Matt Ryan is their latest signing.

Lakers players struggled last season and their shooting was the biggest weakness. Ryan will probably help the team fix this issue. His three-point shots could be an ideal solution for the Lakers. He could spice things up with a stronger defense. Let’s see what happens in a couple of weeks. Impossible is nothing, right?